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When people asked for prints I never had an answer til now. Easy and affordable. Uploading new art every week 

Original Art for sale

I sell art in galleries, I sell art online, I sell art directly to collectors. The button below is a link to ebay. If you ever see art you like  and want to buy, please feel free to ask about it. And when it comes to buying art it's like buying a car, make an offer! 

PAINT! with Alex - episode 3

This show starts off with a PRO TIP how to reduce-recycle-reuse your solvent; save money and be good to the environment!

Like episode 2 we are working again in MONOCHROME and we start with our darkest dark BLACK, MIDDLE GRAY and WHITE. This time we also mix another HALFTONE between White and Middle Grey and another one between Middle Grey and Black. 

Five "notes" of grey on our palette and we are ready to attack our copy of renowned painting Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze!


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